About the absence on the German market following vitOrgan-products - cellular bioregulators:

  • Vials D4 (St.III) and D2 (Sol) sterile isotonic solutions
  • Tablets NeyTabs D6

Control Commission on traffic in drugs in the European Union has taken measures to unification the requirements for homeopathic medicines. This has necessitated from the manufacturers of the re-registration of homeopathic remedies and obtain permission to trade.

To date, the company vitOrgan ( managed to do all the bureaucratic procedures for the admission of ampoule medications only at a dilution of D7 (St.II) to obtain a permit to trade in Europe. For other dilutions (St.III, Sol) extends temporary ban on trade in Germany prior to the completion of all procedures for the approval, which is scheduled to go step by step with its completion by 2015-2016.

In Russia, a similar plan arrangements for the admission of the pharmaceutical market successfully concluded in 2010 and undated registration certificate for all dilutions were obtained. This means that the company vitOrgan will continue to produce and deliver to the russian market ampoule preparations at dilutions D7 (St.II), D4 (St.III), D2 (SOL) and preparations in tablet NeyTabs D6. At present, Russia continue to sell all dilutions of cell bioregulators of firm vitOrgan in capsules and tablets.

At the same time retains its relevance is well known and therapeutically safe injecting preparations of classical scheme VitOrgan, in which breeding D7 (St.II) is a preparatory for the transition to the therapeutic concentration of D4 (St. III) and D2 (Sol). In this situation, the German consumers of vitOrgan are forced to appeal to Russian retailer for the purchase of the missing preparations.

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The philosophy of youth and health is the foundation of anti-aging medicine . The harmonious combination of physical perfection of form, the health of internal organs, attractive appearance, energy and optimism, full of life experiences are beneficial to the duration and quality.

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